this page is a little collection of some potential example to give you an idea about the possible uses of shortcode. Here we use six Shortcode already defined ( you can check them inside the Shortcode Simplex admin page ). Check what they do:
[ scriptjquery ] -> insert a < script > tag with a jQuery function to hide/show the table

[ first ] -> print a bold version of Hello World!
Hello world!

[ second ] -> create a blue div
Look at me

[ third ]-> create an unordered list
  • 1st element
  • 2nd element
  • 3rd element

[ fourth ]-> create a button that call the jQuery function to hide/show the table

[ fifth ]-> create a table
Table Head
1st column / first row2nd column / first row
This TD take 2 cols

You can easily expand this list on the plugin admin page

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